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Staycation with Family at Fullerton Bay Hotel

Staycation with family is a good idea and rarely happens if you have a busy family. It will be more complicated if you live in a big city that prioritizes work to support life. So, vacation is the moment you've been waiting. If you are on vacation in Singapore, try to choose a staycation at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Located in the center of Singapore, Fullerton Bay Hotel features a spacious building and friendly service. You can get many challenging experiences in this place. What can you get? Here are some of the reviews.


Not everyone has a normal physical condition. Some families have family members with some disabilities. It makes that difficult to find places that friendly enough for the disabled. However, you don't need to worry if you have friends or family with special needs, because this hotel has accessibility for them. Yes, the corridors and lobbies at Fullerton Bay Hotel have easy access to wheelchairs. So, you don't have to worry about a family member being left behind.

Everyone can enjoy the beautiful bay view with exotic panorama and delicious food. A variety of delicious food can be found here, even a la carte luxury for dinner.

Fitness Center

To make your staycation to be more complete, you need to exercise so you don't get tired when walking around. Many people forget to exercise while traveling, thinking they will be more tired. This opinion is not true, of course. Because when you are tired, you can do light physical activity to fall asleep in deep sleep mode. So when you wake up you will be able to walk back to spend some time in this beautiful Singapore.

Outdoor Pool

Swimming can also be a comfortable sport, especially if you booking hotel that has an outdoor pool. In this hotel there is an outdoor swimming pool that suitable for enjoying the view or even sunbathing. There are plenty of places to relax by the pool. You can sunbathe while enjoying food and drinks or chatting with other family members.

Kids and Pet Area

At Fullerton Bay Hotel, you can also keep the kids happy in a comfortable area. There is even a suitable area for pets. No wonder many people choose this location to stay or as a place to rest during a staycation in Singapore. Besides being beautiful, the rooms are also very friendly for all family members.

Free WiFi

If you're getting tired of babysitting, try to entertain yourself online by going to social media or uploading your togetherness in a vlog. In this hotel, there is a free WiFi service for visitors. So, you won't feel bored when you have to keep children or pets in the children's corner or keep pets. So, this is a brilliant idea, isn't it?

Shuttle Service

You will be able to get an airport transfer service for an additional fee. But of course, this makes vacations more practical, especially for those of you who are on vacation with family. So, this is the reason why many people are attracted to stay at this hotel.

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Staycation with Family at Fullerton Bay Hotel
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